ABG STAT, The MOST diverse multipurpose medical calculator in the APP store.  
ABG STAT is an aid for interpretation of ABGs, Anion Gap, A-a Gradient, Oxygen Content, along with detailed notes on possible causes and potential corrections.
Guaranteed to Increase your score on the NCLEX and CCRN.
Created by registered nurses in the ICU for Nurses (Created by Critical Care nurses for nurses), nursing students, MDs, residents, interns, pharmacists and healthcare professionals everywhere.  ABG STAT is for those professionals who need fast, accurate results.  Impress colleagues with your diversity of clinical information. 
Includes: 1)    ABG calculator 2)    Anion Gap calculator 3)    A-a Gradient calculator 4)    Oxygen Content (CaO2) calculator 5)    Possible causes of each calculated result (if abnormal) 6)    Notes…with Acid-base nomogram graph Oxy-hemoglobin dissociation curve *Not just numbers but explanations of possible causes. Features: *Easy to use *Fast, accurate input using slot roller *Detailed views listing possible causes of the acid-base disorder 

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